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Welcome To Nance Leombruno Healing

Journey Home To Your True Self


I’m Nance,

A Holistic Spiritual Healer

I created NL Healing with a vision to create a safe and sacred space for women to (re)connect with themselves and each other. Life's transitions — embracing motherhood, navigating divorce, or experiencing menopause — often leave women feeling adrift. These moments when inner reflection and unwavering support are crucial to making it through.

At NL Healing, my mission is to cultivate an environment where women discover solace, connect authentically, receive both emotional and physical support, and flourish within a community liberated from societal pressures. Using movement, meditation, energy healing, and coaching, I guide women towards their true selves, reclaiming their divine feminine power.

Embark on your transformative journey with me at NL Healing, rediscover your essence, form profound connections, and thrive within a supportive community celebrating your authentic self.

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Coming Home To Yourself Retreat

Spirit Camp, CA | April 19-22, 2024
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Together, We Rise


What They're Saying

NL Healing has been a transformative haven for me. Nance's holistic approach and the supportive community guided me through life's transitions, helping me rediscover my strength and authenticity. It's a sanctuary I highly recommend to any woman seeking self-discovery and a nurturing community.

~ Morgan

Nance taught me how to choose my own directions, to listen to the voice of my heart and trusting my intuition. How important it is to set intentions and to celebrate every victory, even the small ones. She taught me how to recognize when I was in flow and she gave me the tools to bring myself back in flow when I feel stuck. I now have the tools to deal better with my anxiety and stress and take more time to do the things that spark joy for me because only then I create the space to let my creative energy flow and I can focus on the things that truly matter to me. 

Thank you Nance for bringing myself back to me.

~ Maddie L

The first Reiki session I ever had was with Nance. I had no idea what to expect but right away she clued into my energy and where I was “holding” it all. As the hour passed I could not only feel my energy level rising but a sense of relief and being held came over me. Nance truly has the “gift” and can tap into energy and help you focus on the areas that need release, she’s truly the real deal.

~ Ellie Dominguez

I can not express how grateful I am to have been part of this magical experience, Thank you so much Nance.

~ Dani Schiano

Thank you Nance and all the women who were part of our incredible heart filled beautiful weekend. Feeling deeply grateful.

~ Lisa Berling